Minnesota’s awkward tilt

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"Someday Minneapolis, when you are totally hollowed out, you will come to us for help. Like the prodigal son, you will not be shunned."

This election year in Minneapolis, as well as the state wide elections next year are going to be very interesting to say the least. This morning there was an very good article in the paper about business owners in Minneapolis who are becoming increasingly concerned. Why? The ruling elite in the city could take a turn to the Left after next month's election. I almost fell off my chair laughing at that one. Turn Left? If Minneapolis was any further Left right now, it would be standing on its head.
As Minneapolis continues to fade off into the abyss, the rest of the state is poised to make a right turn. Yes, this next year could really be the year that Minnesota becomes a red state. How so? The Emmer, Paulsen, and Lewis seats need to be defended. The seats in CD 8, CD 1, and CD 7 could be low fruit on the tree for a pick up by MN GOP. The Governor's seat? After eight years of "Moonbeam Light", the masses are ready for a change. We should be able to pick the AG spot and IF WE CAN GET SOMEONE TO FILE, we also could have a chance to get the SOS and Auditor position. In other words, next year could be a bell weather year for the red team.
If this can happen, things in Minnesota will really start to peculate. Government will finally be "right sized". The light of truth can be shined on the numerous wasteful and expensive programs this state has had for decades. Farmers can be treated like humans once again. Minnesota can hang the "open for business" sign our borders. And education can start to be fixed.
Education? What is wrong with it? Plenty. Our K-12 has become more and more hosed up ever since the "Minnesota Miracle" and the encroachment of Education Minnesota. I recently heard a story which typified what the problem is. A young lady in one of the failing schools in Minneapolis rose above the failure and received almost perfect grades all the way to graduation. She was given a scholarship to an Ivy League school. Once there, she was given an entrance exam to find out if she had any areas of weakness. To her surprise and dismay, she scored at an 8th grade level. Why? To mask the increasing failures of the Minneapolis schools, the classes are being "dumbed down".
Is Minneapolis going to be an island of blue in a sea of red? Very well could be. The most interesting thing is the good folks who live in Minneapolis don't care. All they care about is driving out business, dumbing down education, turning their streets into bike paths, and most importantly - fighting Donald J. Trump. Because of their myopic viewpoint being in the middle of that swamp, they cannot see what they are doing to themselves. They are like misbehaving teenagers with no parent to guide them.
Good people who live in the burbs', who live out state close by, and who live out state far - there is hope on the horizon. Other than Minneapolis, we can save Minnesota in 2018. We can fix the loony tunes which have been visited upon us for years now by the DFL. We can undo eight years of Goofy. We can quit driving high earners and seniors out of our state. All we need to do is show up and vote red. And vote red in record numbers.
Someday Minneapolis, when you are totally hollowed out, you will come to us for help. Like the prodigal son, you will not be shunned. We will help you, and welcome you back into the 21st century. We will help you to become citizens once again, and not subjects, beholden only to the false gods of progressiveness.