Urban legends

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"Now the nice thing about urban legend is it might just stay at 'legend'. Or - there might just be a smidgen of truth which will lead us somewhere unexpected."

Have you ever wondered how urban legends are formed? Are they fact, fiction, or a bit of both? For example, the other night I was watching a documentary on Operation Paper Clip. I have known about this operation for years now, and continue to be fascinated by it. Is there some truth in it? Sure - we ended up with Wernher von Braun didn't we? The brains behind the V2 rocket, which killed so many in London. His punishment for his World War II war crimes? We made him the head of the newly formed NASA.
Okay, okay - the Russians were after this guy also. He was "Mr. Rocket", and whoever had him, had the keys to the future. But was he the only person who came over in the clandestine Operation Paper Clip? That is where urban legend comes in. Some say a few, others say thousands. Some say the Nazi's we offered asylum, offered very little (other than Von Braun), others say we received some of the secrets to the universe. Where is the truth on this? Check the Book of Secrets in Washington.
How about Operation High Jump? This is where one can really fall down the rabbit hole. According to Navy records, this operation was strictly to send a force to Antarctica to do some military research. Nothing truculent nor clandestine - just routine. ADM Byrd, who was in charge of this expedition, seems to have some followers of the different kind. They doubt if that was even close to being the reason. It was primarily to clean out the Nazis who were still stationed there in secret bases.
Now this where the urban legends of Operation Paper Clip and Operation High Jump form a nexus. Some say the reason that Von Braun and his associates were able to leap frog ahead of everyone else in rocket technology was they had help. Help from something or someone beyond this planet. And in Operation High Jump, that is where ADM Byrd discovered the secret base that the Nazis has been using with the "helpers".
Now the nice thing about urban legend is it might just stay at "legend". Or - there might just be a smidgen of truth which will lead us somewhere unexpected. I will say this however. If you are bored sometime, go in the internet and poke up Paper Clip or High Jump. There are a vast array of theory's as to what each of these operations were truly about.
And don't worry - there are more. These two are just the most popular. If you decide to travel down the rabbit holes - good hunting. I have taken a few trips down there, and all I can say is this. It is never boring and seldom satisfying. Why? The truth is out there - some place. Just not down these particular rabbit holes.