Death of the Hollywood Satyrs

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"Satyr: In Greek mythology, a Satyr is one of a troop of ithyphallic male companions of Dionysus with goat like features and a often permanent erection."


Oh my. Hollywood is known for many things these days (few of them good), but the lecherous and hedonistic lifestyle which is endemic there, has led more than one man into believing he was (or still is) a modern day Satyr. Going too far Bird, you might ask? Nope. Probably not far enough. And this year in Hollywood, two of the more famous Satyrs departed. One by physical death, and the other by the death of his marriage, career and reputation.
If you have not guessed it by now, I am talking about Hugh Hefner and Harvey Weinstein. Both men were (or are) consumed by sex. And both envisioned themselves as being something more than studs put into a herd of willing concubines. If not for the magic of that little blue pill (and lots of them), I doubt if either Hugh or Harvey's fantasies could have produced much. As it was however, a pill, power, and a whole lot of money can get even the most undesirable male laid in Hollywood with alarming regularity.
Hugh will probably go down in the history books as one who really juiced up our sexual revolution in America. Hugh's magazine Playboy, was the first in its class. And truthfully, it did have some class. What followed Playboy, went from classless, to soft core porn, and then beyond. Somehow, when those wanna be mags started having all kinds of trouble (hello Larry Flint), Hefner somehow rose above the noise. In fact, he stepped down from being the editor of his skin mag and made (gasp!) his daughter the editor of Playboy.
As classy (if that is possible) that Hefner tried to be as a Satyr, Harvey went the other direction. Just about every actress, either established or nubile newcomer, was there to be a conquest. If someone did not put out - kiss their career good bye. If a newcomer did not get with the program, find some other producer to back you. Yes, it was sexual harassment at its finest. And the entire time, Harvey was masquerading as a compassionate Democrat, who was concerned with women's issues.
I will tell Harvey this very painful fact of life. I can't tell Hugh as he can no longer hear me. A Satyr is mythological. You sir, are not a Satyr. You have a wife and two small children. What the hell is the matter with you? Are your that "bought in" to the system? At 65 years old and over 300 pounds, you don't have much time left. You must somehow find the way to tell your children you are sorry, and NOT to live their lives the way you lived yours.
I am sorry if this sounded harsh. But enough is enough. The Bill Clintons, the Ted Kennedy's, the Harvey Weinstein's - this is NOT the image we want our children to see. Do you want to see a good image? Look at Mike Pence and his marriage.