Will SEIU get decertified?

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This afternoon, I got an email saying that the MNPCA has submitted over 10,000 cards to Gov. Dayton “demanding a union decertification election.”

SEIU Healthcare Minnesota should be getting nervous because SEIU Healthcare Minnesota “established the union in a mail-in ballot, low voter turnout election with just 13 percent of the estimated 27,000 home-based PCAs in Minnesota.” Kim Crockett, the Vice President at Center of the American Experiment, said that the 10,000 cards “total three times more than the 3,543 PCAs who voted for unionization in 2014.”

In other words, the chances of SEIU Healthcare Minnesota getting decertified is significant to high. A little history is in order. On the last weekend of the 2013 session, the DFL passed a bill authorizing a unionization vote for in-home child care providers and PCAs. The DFL passed the bill despite the fact that in-home child care providers lobbied all weekend against the bill. They simply didn’t listen. The DFL had gotten their marching orders from AFSCME and SEIU. There was no way they were going to disobey their masters.

In March, 2016, the in-home child care providers rejected unionization by a vote of 1,014-392. That’s a defeat of 72% rejecting unionization, with only 28% of in-home child care providers voting for unionization. But I digress.

Apparently, SEIU Healthcare Minnesota got the message that a fair election wouldn’t turn out well so they allegedly tried winning the certification election with low voter turnout. Now that the “home-based PCAs in Minnesota” know the details of what they were signing, expect this decertification vote to turn out differently. These people don’t like the types of people you should mess with:

Though I won’t predict anything, I’ll state that it wouldn’t surprise me if this decertification vote is lopsided, too.