Everyone For Themselves

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The following day, looters were seen hauling food, water and televisions from shops, and videos featuring predominantly black people raiding shops circulated online. Some took to social media to blame the thieving on non-whites and characterized the white evacuees as innocents escaping the chaos.

Tin [France’s Representative Council of Black Associations spokeman -ed] said the island’s poorer residents were doing what they had to after an ineffective government response.

“Doing what they had to” involved stealing televisions? Do tell me how that is going to help you survive in a hurricane devastated wasteland with no power! I’ll wait…

Funny how Tin’s demands for reparations and complaints that wages are lower in St. Martin’s than in mainland France also come up. Last I checked, wages are lower here than in NYC — should I demand higher wages here because of that?

Look, France’s treatment of Caribbean slaves makes Southern plantations look like nirvana in comparison, but it still doesn’t mean that because your ancestors were mistreated 200 years ago you should get something in return. If so, Britain owes the Irish of the Potato Famine years a lot of money… Make an argument that current policy is preventing you from advancing (and believe me, France’s policy towards its territories can make that an easy argument), but to me this ancestral appeal is idiotic at best.

Seems to me that reparations are more about legalizing theft and looting, much like stealing those TVs, than actual defensible policy.

…you have to remember “fraud” requires intent.

By the voter, anyway.