City of Loons

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"Is there hope for the folks in the City of Minneapolis? Not a bit. They don't want to change. They just want to travel down the rabbit hole even deeper. This, that is where they will stay."

Bird! Why, why do you keep picking on the once great City of Lakes? Why? Because you just answered your own question. The "once great" speaks volumes. It is as if the city leaders (boy, is that an oxymoron!) get together every morning and try to figure out ways to make this city more unlivable. So far, they are doing an excellent job.
Of all the bone headed things Minneapolis has done recently, the most recent one took the cake. Getting rid of as many parking places as possible to keep those fire breathing, horseless carriages out of town. This is social engineering, behavior modification at its best. Does this make sense at all? Only in the mind of a Euphorian. And if you are not a Euphorian, don't even try to understand.
On Sundays, I like to read the expanded version of the editorial pages. Why? Good fodder for the Bird. Today, the editorials were full of people opining on what a dumb a** thing the City of Minneapolis is doing by getting rid of all those parking places. One writer brought up and excellent point. Our mass transit system, although very expensive to build and maintain, is not up to the task of getting people from point "A" to point "B" more conveniently than an auto does. That has been the rub of mass transit for years. If mass transit can be better and cheaper than driving one's own car, if might work. If it doesn't, it won't.
Anyone been downtown as of late? It is the city which does not work well any more. The Far Left has coopted just about everything and everyone. Retail downtown is all but dead. Besides, who wants to shop in a place where parking is scarce and expensive, crime is NOT under control, and shopping options have become very limited. How about movie theaters, like I went to when I was young? Forget about it!
But don't worry - the power elite is also trying to get rid of as many businesses as possible. Make it very expensive to do business while operating in a regulatory hell. Five years from now, we will have been forced to build even more LRTs which terminate downtown. Why? Most of the businesses will be located elsewhere.
Rent downtown is obscene. If you are a Yuppie, the North Loop is okay. However, if you are not a person of means, good luck. Gentrification has become the word of the day in downtown Minneapolis.
So what then, is left in Minneapolis? The pan handlers. The avant-guarde. The bohemians. The artsy-crafty class. The counter culture. The Antifa and Resist! crowd. Oh yes - I almost forgot. The thugs who would love to separate you from your cell phone and/or wallet.
I addressed this a few days ago. Only 8% of all Minneapolis cops make Minneapolis their home. 92% live in cities other than Minneapolis. Why? Nobody knows the underbelly of a city better than the police who patrol there do. Get the message?
For those who have the means to do so, get out of Minneapolis now. This is not going to get any better. How do I know? Look at the crop of loons who are running for Mayor. Look at the City Council. Look at the Hennepin Commissioners (that is, except for Jeff Johnson). The bench of loons is deep and wide in Minneapolis.
Is there hope for the folks in the City of Minneapolis? Not a bit. They don't want to change. They just want to travel down the rabbit hole even deeper. Thus, that is where they will stay.