Who in the world is Maximus Garrulous?

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Who is Maximus Garrulous? It is me. Trying to spread the most important message of all time.

No, Max is not The Thinker from Rodin as shown in the graphic to this article. Then who is Max Garrulous for crying out loud? Quite simply Max is this - my alter ego. Yes, Max is me. Max was my first blog attempt. And years ago, I put a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears into Max. Some might wonder, what was Max about? Max was strictly faith based. And what did his name mean? Simply put, it meant "talks a lot". Then one final question - why is Max still not a blog post? Because nobody read him.
When my wife and I attended the church we deeply loved, I was asked to contribute to the weekly "e-letter" which went out to the congregation. I agreed, as I did not mind that at all. In fact, I rather enjoyed it. The Executive Director of the church only had one simple rule - 300 words or less. The associate pastor had a more stringent rule - no blasphemy. But we were on very good terms, so he knew that would never come from me.
After a while, I was asked to also contribute an article to the monthly hard copy publication for the church. I did, and enjoyed doing it also. Then after some time passed, I considered using my articles to create a blog of my own. Thus was born Maximum Garrulous. It was loaded for bear with many of my better faith based articles. It was all was good save one minor issue - nobody outside the church read them.
So Maximus Garrulous faded into the woodwork and was later replaced by the Very Angry Bird. The Bird has done well in readership, and I have no regrets on how the Bird continues to expose politics as he thinks as it should be. The Bird does not mind doing that as he thinks very fondly of this great country we live in. But if you pull the feathers off of Bird and strip him naked - you will find Max.
Why Max? Because that is my true calling. Once saved, the real truth is way too important to keep contained. Yes, I can unabashedly talk about the redeeming love of Jesus. And before being nailed as a hypocrite, I can remind folks I was as rotten as they come. But through Jesus, I am also redeemed. And without redemption of Jesus, I would have stayed rotten.
I have been told in the past if I spent too much time on this "Jesus talk", it would hurt my numbers. Okay. I get it. Who cares? That is not what the Bible teaches us. Matthew 28 on our Great Commission is crystal clear on this issue. So, before I close this, let me give a simple example.
The Bible tells us once saved, we are to show the world our unbridled joy. After a while, people who have that unbridled joy are easier to pick out than a glorious sunset on a stormy day. People can witness with their behavior as well as their words.
This world, our world, needs God more than ever right now. Now just a little God, I mean jumping into the deep end of the pool. If you think you have strayed too far, become too rotten, here is the good news. There is NOTHING you can do wrong, which will cause God to love you less. By the same token, there is NOTHING so good you can do which will cause God to love you more. That is the "Wow" statement, right there.
Who is Maximus Garrulous? It is me. Trying to spread the most important message of all time. But don't worry - Max is still here - he has not gone away. He is safely tucked under the wing of the Very Angry Bird. From time to time, Max will emerge and share his heart once again. And when Max does that, it is a very good day. The Word of God is way too important to keep tucked away.