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Last year, we were assured, BREXIT would spell doom for Britain, and the conservatives who led it.

It just had to happen; BREXIT was an epic rejection of the political technocrat elite by the rabble and peasants – and the technocrats (and those who suck up to them) warned us that that could lead to nothing but calamity.

It haan’t – and the opinion polls on the upcoming parliamentary votes seem to be bearing this out:

For the first time in this election, YouGov reveals the voting intention picture in each British government office region. The fieldwork, conducted from April 24 to May 5, shows:

  • The Conservative vote share is up, sometimes dramatically so, since the last general election in every region of the UK.
  • Labour are down on their 2015 vote haul in every region of the UK except the South West and South East where they were already performing poorly.
  • The Liberal Democrat vote share is up in most regions, but only by small margins.
  • UKIP’s vote share is down seven to ten points in all regions except Scotland and London, where they were already performing poorly.

The Tories have co-opted a lot of UKIP’s messaging. And Labour seems to be eading toward its worst showing since the end of WWI.