Nothing new under the sun…

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"It is that old tired play book of the Left. It is tattered, worn and very dated. In short - there is nothing new under the sun."

"They are going to poison the water! They are going to dirty up the air! They hate minorities! They only care about the rich!" Blah, blah, blah. This bull crap has been going on since Moses was a boy. What is it? It is the ranting of the Loony Left. Everyone on Trump's cabinet is an "extremist". Just about every one in Trump's inner circle is a racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, or whateverphobic. Whereas everyone in Obama's administration could just about walk on water. Sound familiar?
Here is a news flash from someone who has associated with conservatives most of my life. I have NEVER met a conservative who favored dirty water. Or dirty air. Or favored throwing grandma out of a nursing home. Or who hated minorities (check your history, and you will find who the real racists were).
What conservatives DO want however, is truly alien to the Loony Left. They favor paychecks over welfare checks. They do not want ANY American to go hungry or malnourished, but find it criminal that 46 million need to be on food stamps. That is the sign of an anemic economy which needs to be fixed. Conservatives find the fact our government education system fails so many kids to be unacceptable. Conservatives DO however, want the best bang for the buck in educating EVERY American. Right now, we getting the worst bang for the buck in education, and it is costing us a mint.
Plus (and this a big one), conservatives do NOT want to eliminate Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid. They DO however, want them fixed so they continue in solvency for many years to come. Now, all three of them are driving 100 mph towards a brick wall, and only fools don't see it.
The narrative for the next four to eight years has already been written. Actually, it has been written for a long time. It was used under Nixon, under Reagan, under Bush (41) and Bush (43), and now under Trump. It is that old tired play book of the Left. It is tattered, worn and very dated. In short - there is nothing new under the sun.
Here is the bad news for the Loony Left. Your gig is up. We have a President whose feelings you cannot hurt. He is bullet proof to all your nonsense. And the real Americans who voted for Donald Trump are also sick of your lies. In short - our BS filters are full, and we cannot take any more of your bull crap.
So go to the streets and rant and rave. Spread false stories which the MSM will turn into fake news. Protest, strike and destroy. You will only hurt yourself. The real Americans will be working with this President to make this country great again. Not only great at home, but also great overseas.
To quote Ken Kesey from The Electric Kool aide Acid Test, "You can either be on the bus or off the bus". I suggest that being on the bus is the place to be in the next four to eight years. That is where I am going to be. And the bus is headed for American greatness, once again.