The grooming of a President

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"One more thing about our current President. He is fiercely loyal to those who have been fiercely loyal to him."

I had a LOL moment the other day. And it had to do with our President. It related to our new President and how he reacted to the 9th Circus (Circuit) ruling on his executive order. Why was it funny to me? I guess for those of us who have worked with executives for years would understand. Whereas Democrats look at lawyers and judges the same way they look at the Pope, business people in power positions look at lawyers in a different way.
I worked at five Fortune 500 companies in my career. In over half of them, when confronted with a legal issue, an exec would ask his attorney "how can we make this happen". Not "is it legal" - but how can we make this happen. I am sure Donald Trump has dealt with a myriad of legal folks in his career. He might have looked at them the same way many execs do - a pain in the rear end. A barrier to get around.
When the ruling came down, I could almost see the gears turning in Trump's head. His disdain for how lawyers can muck things up. However, what our new President needs to learn is this - these ACLU types and the Loony Left judges on the 9th Circuit, are a different breed. Much different than he has dealt with before. How does he win? Trump needs to learn how to play a different kind of chess.
And what else are we learning about Donald Trump? He is a relational human being. Sure, he can talk tough in the primaries. He is going to have a trade war with China, get Japan in line, teach Canada a lesson on immigration, and make Mexico pay for a wall. However, when he gets face to face, or phone call to phone call with other world leaders, a different, somewhat mollified Donald Trump emerges.
One more thing about our current President. He is fiercely loyal to those who have been fiercely loyal to him. The Kellyanne misstep about Ivanka's clothing; General Flynn's misstep about talking to the Russian ambassador a few days too early; Stephen Miller getting the Constitutional responsibilities of the President mixed up on the Sunday shows. Even though the chattering class had their undies in a bundle and are asking for heads, President Trump could give a wit. He hand picked his team and he likes them - likes them quite a bit.
Get ready America. We have a new kind of President. One who grew up in industry. A job creator. No more pansy PC type. We have a real American who has dealt in real American issues. A job creator. An empire builder. He is not a community organizer.