A very toxic brew on a festering wound…

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"Now I am not a Pollyanna. I can read the stitches on a fast ball. I know that Donald Trump often leads with his chin. He likes a fight."

Well hallelujah! Clap your hands, raise your glass for a toast! We finally have an Attorney General. One who can run our rogue Justice Department. And run it he will. However, to get to this point, we had to put Jeff Sessions through the ringer. Accuse him of just about everything, up to and including lynching people. Or that he had a neatly pressed while hooded robe in his closet. It was a despicable sight. An embarrassing sight. How we treated this fine man was truly example #1 on how the Left has turned many into Ugly American(s).
Now I am not a Pollyanna. I can read the stitches on a fast ball. I know that Donald Trump often leads with his chin. He likes a fight. Many think that is why he got elected. A pugnacious style was just what the doctor ordered to fix this mess in Washington. Or was it?
During the Obama Administration, I really did think we had seen the bottom of the well. That the toxic environment in Washington could not get any worse. Au contraire, but it has! After the bunker busters that Harry Reid lobbed on the Senate floor when he was leader, our precious Senate now resembles a bar scene from the wild west (or maybe even Star Wars). Is anything able to get done in the Senate right now? Barely. It is about one inch from having the engine lock up and stall.
I have good Christian friends whom I went to high school with. They have been saying the most irreverent and unholy things about the President as well as people on his staff. Some of the things I have heard or read on social media are jaw dropping. Disheartening. And much of this hateful discourse I blame on the prior Administration.
It is true that Barack Obama started out in 2009 with the goal of bringing us together. Or at least he said he did. However, when he put his toe in the Washington water and found out how toxic it was, he quickly gave up. He went back into default mode. Community activist mode. He took some of that toxic brew in Washington and poured it on our nation's festering wounds. The wounds of the past racism. Of past segregation. Of past Jim Crow laws. In other words, Obama lit a match which started many fires. Instead of being a healer, he became the great divider. And the fires which were set, are now burning even hotter due to President Trump's style.
For the adults in the room, this is for you. Is there any wonder why our kids tune in so they can tune out? Is there any wonder why so many youth have turned agnostic towards our system of government? Is there any wonder why civics in schools has become so dumbed down that many kids don't know the lawful duties of the three parts of our government? This why people like Maxine Waters get elected over and over and over again. This is all on us folks. We created this monster. We have perpetuated this toxicity due to our benign neglect.
Is Washington fixable? Is this bloodless civil war in our country going to remain bloodless? I don't know. We are on very thin ice right now. And under the ice is nothing but a toxic brew. A toxic brew just waiting to seep into our festering wounds and make them even worse. Maybe even unhealable.