The lefts new hatchet person?

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"What matters is this - that mean old white guy, Mitch McConnell, told Elizabeth Warren to 'sit down and shut up'."

Calm down. Yes, this about Elizabeth Warren. Yes, I know Senator Warren revealed she is 1/16 Native American. Yes, I know many people equate the word "hatchet" with Native American lore. Well, hatchet is also used like "attack dog". "Point person". The de facto torch bearer for a cause. A leader. After last night, that is what might have happened to Senator Warren.
Did she violate Senate rules last night? That is still being debated this morning. Truthfully - right now that really does not matter. What matters is this - that mean old white guy, Mitch McConnell, told Elizabeth Warren to "sit down and shut up". And when that happened, one could just see all the wind going out of Cory Booker's sails. In that one fleeting moment, when Senator McConnell exercised this "rule 19" thing, a hero (or heroin) was born.
Was this a blunder on McConnell's part, or part of a grand plan? After getting spanked by a Democrat of mixed race for eight years, they might not have have wanted to see this movie again with Senator Booker. And like Obama, Booker is very smooth. And even though Booker is a leftie, he is a centrist compared to Senator Warren.
It might as well be Elizabeth Warren who rises from the ashes once known as the Democratic Party. Right now all they have is an ancient socialist and a not quite as old woman who has already had two runs for the roses. The Democrats need leadership. And sorry my friends in CD 5 in Minnesota - it ain't Keith.
It will be very interesting to see how this plays out. If in upcoming months, will there be some subtle torpedoes fired at Warren by Cory Booker? Will the road to leadership be subtlety plowed by the GOP? Will the good Senator from Massachusetts now feel the wind at her back and then makes her move? Or is this entire thing was just much to do about nothing.
Stay tuned on this one folks. Nature abhors a vacuum, and so does the leadership of a political party. Will Elizabeth become the new "hatchet person"? Maybe. Like I say, it will be fun to watch.