Mother Jones is with you

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Power Line readers who mischievously pull for Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison to emerge victorious in his bid for the chairmanship of the DNC are not alone. We have noted that former Obama administration green jobs commissar and Mao man Van Jones is with you. We have noted that Vox’s Matthew Yglesias has joined you. We have also noted that 300 Jewish leaders are with you.

The editors of The Nation are in your corner as well. In a February 2 editorial the venerable left-wing magazine declared Ellison the man to lead Democrats back to the promised land.

Now the left-wing magazine Mother Jones joins the Ellison parade. In a long investigative article by Tim Murphy, Mother Jones asserts: “Keith Ellison Is Everything Republicans Thought Obama Was.” In the world of Mother Jones, this is high praise indeed. The headline all but endorses Ellison’s bid to lead the DNC. It continues: “Maybe He’s Just What Democrats Need.”

Please note this. Murphy’s article is no joke. It is an extraordinary piece of journalism. It confirms and elaborates and adds to my own findings, for example, in the 2006 Weekly Standard article “Louis Farrakhan’s first congressman.”

Having read everything I could get my hands on about Ellison since he emerged in 2006 as the Democrats’ chosen successor to Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Martin Sabo, I have to add that Murphy’s is the single best piece of journalism on Ellison that has appeared. It deserves a second post that reviews some of the highlights.