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Senate Democratic Chuck Schumer’s fake tears over President Trump’s puported “travel ban” is a moment that signifies and resonates. Good grief! Is that the best you can do, man? As political theater, that was pathetic.

Schumer can’t fake sincerity. He’s not a touch feely kind of guy. What a phony. If he’s a genuine article of any kind, it would be the thug kind. He didn’t rise in New York politics through immersion in the techniques taught by Dale Carnegie in ages past.

Schumer’s tears represent political impotence. Schumer and his fellow Democrats want to put up a fight over President Trump’s cabinet selections, but former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid deprived them of the weapon they now require when he served as Senate Majority Leader. But Reid did not act alone. Why, he had the invaluable assistance…of Chuck Schumer himself.

Schumer conceals the causation in his rumination on current events. “Certainly it would have been easier to defeat them had the rules not changed.” Ah, the uses of the subjunctive mood.

One more time: “Certainly it would have been easier to defeat them had the rules not changed.” You don’t say — you being one of the guys who changed the rules. Let’s call it a Schumination.

“I say to my friends on the other side of the aisle, you’ll regret this,” then Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told Schumer and his Democratic colleagues at the time. “And you may regret it a lot sooner than you think.”

You mean Senator McConnell was right? Now that must hurt. Schumer isn’t crying, but he’s feeling the pain.

The Democrats lack the power to block Trump’s cabinet appointees so they have availed themselves of the kind of procedural devices with which Wisconsin Democrats embarrassed themselves to oppose Governor Walker. In 2011 Wisconsin Democrats hightailed it to Illinois to prevent a quorum in the state legislature. This week Senate Democrats took a powder in order to block votes in committee on Trump’s cabinet nominees.

If only they had repaired to the Democratic safe houses of Illinois that proved so useful to Wisconsin Democrats. But no, they’re back. They were just hiding under the desks in their offices.

As chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, Utah’s venerable Orrin Hatch engineered a rule change to overcome the Democrats’ maneuver in his committee. He even provided the quote of the week in response to the FOX News anchor who asked him what the Democrats’ temporary disappearance says.

Senator Hatch drily commented: “It says they’re a bunch of juvenile idiots is what it says.”

He added: “It’s one thing to wage a good fight and do the best you can. And we understand that. But to just not even show up, not even come? That’s another matter. And so today I invoked the rules. We went ahead and put both nominees, Mr. [Steven] Mnuchin and the congressman [Tom Price] out.”

Now Schumer et al. have refused to meet with Judge Gorsuch as he makes the rounds to introduce himself. Perhaps they will summon the stupidity to filibuster a vote on Judge Gorsuch’s appointment to the Supreme Court as well, but I doubt they are that stupid.

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