Where is the truth squad?

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"Hey media - the truth is out there. You just need to put on your big boy (or big girl) pants and go find it. Until then, shut the hell up."

Okay. I have had just about enough now on this "dust up" over the executive order from hell. Yes, I am talking about the one which orders a temporary ban on refugees and more deeply vets travelers coming in from those seven countries in and around the middle east. Why am I fed up? Because this entire issue is bathed in hypocrisy, and once again the media has shown what (forgive me for using this term) whores they really are.
I did hear a glimmer of truth this morning however, on Morning Joe. Scarborough about had it when Obama joined in on the scrum. Scarborough once again pointed out that these seven countries were first identified during the Obama Administration. The first four in 2015 and the other three in 2016. Period. These countries were not original thinking by the Trump Administration.
Also, in 2011, Obama's State Department (yes, that would be the one under Hillary), stopped processing Iraqi refugee requests for six months. Not three months like Trump's order states. And, unlike Trump's order which was put out in the light of day, Obama's order was kept secret.
As I see it, the Trump team made two errors with this executive order. First - even though the order says nothing about targeting Muslims, on the campaign trail Trump did talk about a Muslim ban. I along with many others, heard him say it. Second - the way the order was rolled out could have been handled better. It was clumsy. But here is the "but" in that statement.
Chuck "crying in the rain" Schumer is holding up most of President Trump's cabinet picks. Gosh, do you think the Mexican issue as well as the immigration issue might have been handled more smoothly if quarterback Trump had his entire offensive line intact? So I am going to spread the blame on the clumsy roll out to both the Administration as well as the bozos in the Senate who call themselves Democrats.
One more thing that Scarborough brought up this morning. And this is what many of us on the right side of the street have been complaining about for years. Because of President Bystander (that be Obama), drawing the "red line" in Syria and then doing nothing, prolonged the Syrian civil war. Because of Obama's inaction all over the region, we have the size of the refugee issue we have now. He should have been creating "safe zones" in the region so those people did not have to become uprooted and leave their homeland.
No - I have had it with the dishonest press. I have had it with the lemmings who only protest Republicans and not Democrats for similar issues. I have had it with ideologues like the acting AG who Trump had to fire yesterday for insubordination. I have had it with "fake tears" Schumer. And I have had it with our community organizer former President who cannot keep his yap shut.
Hey media - the truth is out there. You just need to put on your big boy (or big girl) pants and go find it. Until then, shut the hell up.