The real story behind the “Wall”

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"As time went on, border security again became lax, the drugs flowed into our country, and millions of illegals came as well."

Most people would look at this most current dust up between Mexico and the United States and shake their heads. What in the heck is the big deal? Other than of course, the fact we would like Mexico to pay for the wall. But here is the secret. Even if President Trump called President Pena Nieto and told him we would pay for the wall, Mexico would still not be happy. And I believe I know what the reason for that is.
September 11, 2001. None could ever forget that day. Because we were sucker punched so effectively, we did not have a clue as to what was coming next. It could have been a wide spread attack using bio agents, nerve agents, truck bombs, suicide vests, or even a small nuke. We simply did not know. So we "cocooned" the nation. No flights in or out. No normal border crossing from either border.
Some border crossings were closed completely. Others remained open, but the security and thoroughness of inspection were off the chart tight. What happened next was when a suspicion many had saw the light of day. Drugs.
As most of us know, the majority of our drugs come through the southern border. Not the only place they come from, but that is where the bulk of them enter the nation. In the week following the attack, the "mule train" of drugs coming up from South America, Central America and Mexico, hit a road block. Getting drugs across the border into the United States became almost impossible. Then two things happened. There was an immediate shortage of drugs in the United States, and a glut of drugs in Mexico. Drugs were being sold in Mexico for practically nothing. All of a sudden, Mexico had a big problem.
As time went on, border security again became lax, drugs flowed into our country, and millions of illegals came as well. Everybody south of the border was happy. But - if President Trump has his way, and a huge wall is built with an additional 5,000 border guards, the same problems from 2001 could return. And that would be a problem for Mexico.

Here is how President Trump sees the southern border. Currently, it is a bad deal for the United States. We do not have Americans sneaking into Mexico, but we sure have Mexicans sneaking into our country. Trump wants a strong and proud Mexico. Where people can live and prosper. He will work with the Mexico to help make that happen. But first Mexico must work with us.
But then we get to first things first. It must be America first. Right now we have so much black tar heroin in this country, first responders need to carry around narcan. We have young kids putting holes in their brains from Meth, others dying from heroin, and some becoming zombie like from the super strong weed coming into the country. Plus, the drug trade is one of the major reasons for the continuing warfare in some of the neighborhoods in Chicago. This has got to stop!
President Pena Nieto - if you want to play hardball on this issue, you have picked the wrong cowboy to play with. This President plays hardball before breakfast. He knows how to get things done both the easy way and the hard way. But he does get them done.
The wall will be built sir - get used to it. And if you don't get the "mule train" under control in your own country, that is going to end up being its last stop. Change is coming. Be part of the team, not part of the resistance. Trust me, you don't want that.