The Crackdown

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"We need more people of courage like Nick Zerwas representing us."

Welcome to 2017 folks. There is a new sheriff in town in Washington, and new Republican majorities all over the country. The former days of turning a deaf ear or a blind eye to mischief makers might, jut might, be coming to an end. And believe it or not, I am even talking about our blue state of Minnesota.
My good friend Representative Nick Zerwas (R) 30A - Elk River, has introduced a bill in the Minnesota House which really has some teeth. Nick, like other lawmakers, have gotten an earful from people who have been inconvenienced by protesters blocking traffic on city streets and highways. And when the police are called out, where there are extra expenses as well as overtime, who picks up the bill? The taxpayers.
Those days might be coming to an end. With a Republican House and Senate, this bill hopefully will make it to the Governor's desk. And then what? If the Governor vetoes it, he alone will have to try and explain to the taxpayers why millions need to be spent to babysit lawbreakers. No, Nick's bill is the right idea. We need to let protesters know if they highly inconvenience innocent people trying to get home from work, there will be a heavy cost for them.
On a national scale, the demonstrators (I mean rioters) who were caught the night of the inauguration, face felony charges. They are not going to get the "Oh,kids will be kids" hand slap they received under that prior Administration. Nope. I believe they will (and should) get the book thrown at them. Should they be convicted of a felony, there should be some time and a fine. Plus after they are released, good luck voting. Most states do not allow felons to vote.
We need more people of courage like Nick Zerwas representing us. Nick is getting a whole lot of blow back from the statists and the progressives in St. Paul. Nick knew it would be coming. He is up for the challenge. Why? Because his bill is the right thing to do. Enough is enough. If we let protesters continue to run amok on our highways, it is only a matter of time before someone gets hurt or killed by a car.
The crackdown is coming. I am hoping that more "broken windows" policing is coming also. I am all for First Amendment rights - trust me I am. But I am also for law abiding citizens, and the rights of the innocents. Bravo Nick. As a taxpayer, thank you for your wisdom and courage.