A man with no fear

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"Those who doubted what he said or promised, are now eating their words."

Maybe this is just what we needed. After eight long years of having someone in the big chair who was filled with lots of fear and trepidation, we now have just the opposite. When I was having my monthly neuropathy treatment today, my doctor engaged me in conversation about our new President. After we chatted for a while he said something profound. "I think he will succeed because he just does not care what other people think of him. He has been there, and done it with just about everything. He is married to a beautiful woman, has great kids, is a multi-billionaire, and does not need to prove anything to anybody. In short, he is a man with no fear."

This week President Trump has been shooting out executive orders faster than the Road Runner could say "beep, beep". The protesters who want to protest Trump are about three days behind what to protest. And we are not over yet. The blizzard of executive orders are expected to continue for the rest of the week.
I say this with no disrespect to our last two Republican Presidents. Both very fine men. One had a motto of a "thousand points of light". His son had the motto of being a "compassionate conservative". Neither motto really meant anything. However, "Making America great again!" has some teeth. And everything candidate Trump, or President Elect Trump said is coming to fruition under President Trump. Those who doubted what he said or promised, are now eating their words.
When I was a young man, the only person I feared was someone who had nothing to lose. That person had no fear. Our former President would fear his constituent voters. Our new President has no constituent voters. He is owned by nobody. If he succeeds or fails, his wealth remains the same. He is a 70 year old man who wants to make a final mark on his country. He is not myopic - he sees things for what they are. Bottom line - he is a typical male. He sees things which are broken and wants to fix them.
I say bravo President Trump! I am loving this week! I have seen more to happen this week than in the last twelve years. Keep it up sir, and history will have you in the same neighborhood as Reagan.