Two Good Guys – One With A Gun, One A Dead Hero

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Two men tried to rob a jewelry store in a mall in San Antonio, Texas.

One Good Samaritan tried to intervene – and was killed in the process.

What could possibly go wrong? Accused mall shooter Jason Matthew Prieto.

That’s when a second Good Samaritan – a good guy with a carry permit and a gun – intervened, shooting one suspect and the other one fleeing like the prison shower-room bitch he no doubt is.

The suspects – including Jason Matthew Prieto, shown above, who is alleged to have fled the scene but wound up crashing his car – are up for capital murder. Much as I oppose the death penalty, I doubt I’ll be found protesting if the State of Texas ever does end up executing them (should they be found guilty).

Six others were injured in the encounter with robbers before police could arrive.

So there were two good guys. One had courage, but no gun; he is no longer with us. One had courage and the means to back that courage up with force. He – and others – are alive today.

Any questions?