SNL salutes Dear Leader

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Do you get the feeling that the left has lost its mind and brain dead at the same time? I do. I offer into evidence Exhibit DII of the Age of Trump.

In the video below, “Cecily Strong and Sasheer Zamata pay tribute to President Obama” — that’s the way NBC put it — with their utterly creepy performance of “To Sir, With Love.” They played it straight, just like they do in North Korea, on this past Saturday’s episode of Saturday Night Live. Sad!

Saturday Night Live - Saturdays 11:35/10:35c Highlight: To Sir with Love

Trevor DiBarlo

Elizabeth Salinas

It's unAmerican and undemocratic to indulge in the kind of hero worship we've seen over the last few months. We elect an administrator to oversee the Executive branch, not an emperor or a father to "take us from crayons to perfume" and "teach us right from wrong" as the song says. It should be creepy and repulsive to Americans. I guess it has served one useful purpose-anyone who changed her Facebook profile picture to a portrait of any or all members of the Obama family is gone, baby, gone from my list.