Dear “Feminist” Bobblehead

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You have sown the dumb-protest-sign wind.

You shall reap the dumb protest sign whirlwind.

If you had “as many rights as” a gun, you…:

  • would be liable to getting shot by nervous cops
  • You couldn’t get on an airplane
  • You may not be able to vote because you can’t carry guns in polling centers.
  • Any business can deny you entry
  • Going to school would be a federal crime
  • You would need to be locked in a safe when not in use
  • You’d have to be transported in a trunk or lock box in the trunk when not in someone’s pocket. Even women in Saudi Arabia don’t have to do that.
  • you would be blamed for things that are not your fault (which, let’s be honest, is more of a male thing)
  • If you were poor, you couldn’t afford yourself because of arbitrary government regulations designed to destroy you
  • government will pay good money to incinerate you

Sounds like women have more rights under the Taliban.

Still game?