The Right Women

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One of my favorite sociopolitical tales is that of Alan Dershowitz, the not-remotely-conservative legal scholar who once castigated the faculty of Harvard Law School for seeing diversity as “someone with different color skin, than you, or wearing a skirt, who thinks exactly the same as you do”.

As predicted, the “Womens March” over the weekend, in DC and Saint Paul, was precisely that.

It also felt like it was a Bush-era protest, taken out of the freezer, thawed out and dumped on the streets; same signs, same chants and chanting points, same rhetoric.

Julia Erynn at Alpha News reported from the scene:

However, the anti-hatred and tolerance only applied if you agreed with the marchers’ viewpoints. A small group of pro-life demonstrators were attacked by those participating in the Women’s March. The pro-life demonstrators were blocked from view, screamed at, and had drinks, snow and mud thrown at them.

So it’s not so much that “Love Trumps Hate”. To Minnesota’s gray, ELCA-coiffed, monolithic ideological left, it merely focuses the hate…

…in the desired direction.