Taking sides…

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"The haters can continue to march, brainwash the children, and use language which is 3 degrees beyond coarse. Hollywood can say they want to blow up the White House and others can make up lies about our new President."

Wow! It has only been since Friday, and the battle lines already seemed to have formed. We have a brand new President, the ink still drying on his new business cards, and the haters were out in force yesterday. Again, and I have said this before, they were excoriating our new Chief for not what he has done, but what they think (or hope) he will do. Ladies and gentlemen - I give you Obama's America. We now have one country split in two. Kind of like North and South Korea.
On one of the news shows last night, a family who marched with the haters was interviewed. It did not take long to realize the kids had been freshly brainwashed by their parents. One of the youths was asked why he was marching. "Because Trump hates immigrants." The other youth also had baseless accusations leveled at their new President. Well, here is a news flash for parents who brainwash their kids. You are not doing them any favors. Trump is not "anti-immigrant". He is anti open border. He wants to finish the southern border wall (it has been authorized by Congress now for about 10 years) because our southern border is nothing more than a minor inconvenience for border hoppers.
Some have asked why is there so much animus towards Donald Trump and nothing was said about Bill Clinton. It is sad to say, but the answer can be summed up in one word - abortion. Clinton sullied women all over the place, from Arkansas to Washington D.C. And yet the woman's movement and code pink developed laryngitis. Why? Because good old Bill, the country bumpkin, favored abortion. Oh yes - he was also a Democrat.
And then there is health care. Anyone with an IQ over 50 knows the ACA is not working. It needs either major repair or replacement. Heck, the Governor of Minnesota, a well known statist said "The ACA is no longer affordable." Duh! So what has Trump said he wants to do? Take insurance away from millions of needy people and then throw them out on the street? Nope. His words - he wants 100% of the population to have health insurance, AND it wants it affordable. That is what he is willing to sign off on.
Right now we have a big game of Rugby going on. And it is time to pile on the scrum. The haters have serious financial backing from the abortionists. That helps with the numbers. Plus the lap dog media - they are always in the mix. Or should I say, what used to be known as the media. Plus we cannot forget the Hollywood elite. But there is someone else in this scrum who has yet to be identified. The puppet master. Normally it is a guy like George Soros. Trying to ruin and rot the country from the inside out.
One final thing about taking sides. I learned this a long time ago from my political mentor, Tom. We are harder on our own who stray than we are with the loyal opposition. In other words, if Donald Trump cannot produce, or does some things which I consider tawdry, I will be first in line to have him voted out next term (should he run). But he has not done anything wrong as yet. In fact, he really has not had the chance to do anything at all.
The haters may continue to march, brainwash the children, and use language which is 3 degrees beyond coarse. Hollywood can say they want to blow up the White House and others can make up falsehoods about our new President. I get that. That is the way they roll. But truth and facts are stubborn things. They can always ruin a good narrative. Trust me, they always do.