Ready for the same old beat

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The Soviet Union orchestrated protests all over Europe and the United States when Ronald Reagan set out to deploy intermediate range nuclear weapons in Europe. The deployment was to take place as part of Reagan’s effort to beat the Soviet Union into submission through the buildup of our defenses. The Soviet Union cranked up its “active measures” and counted on its many friends on the left to assemble under the auspices of one or another of its “peace offensives.”

Reagan’s efforts to rebuild American and European defenses induced a now familiar kind of mass hysteria. ABC brought us The Day After, the documentary-style film portraying a fictional nuclear war between NATO forces and the Warsaw Pact that rapidly escalated into a full-scale exchange between the United States and the Soviet Union. The film graphically displayed the effects of the war on Lawrence, Kansas. Nuclear war was a bitch, of course, and the film served as a timely warning against the nightmare toward which Reagan’s policies would deliver us.

In Useful Idiots Mona Charen also recalled that public television brought us Testament (1983), “a moving film about a family in Washington State slowly dying of radiation poisoning after a nuclear war.” Not to be outdone, Charen added, NBC “broadcast its own scaremongering documentary called Facing Up To the Bomb (1982).” (The title of Charen’s book comes from a phrase attributed to Lenin describing Western left-liberals and Social Democrats.)

In 1983 protesters formed a 14-mile anti-nuclear “human chain” in Berkshire, England. When Reagan visited London for an economic summit the following year, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament turned out somewhere between 80,000 (police count) and 200,000 (CND count) protesters marching from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square to greet him. Reagan modestly allowed that he didn’t “take credit for all of the demonstrators being there for me…”

Donald Trump has provoked a similar reaction on the left without lifting a finger or grabbing a pussy. His offense has been limited to defeating Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, but that is quite enough.

The Mirror takes a look at the action around the United Kingdom here. Fortune has posted 37 photos from women’s marches around the world. Byron York tops them all with a collection derived from the doings in Washington, D.C.

Calling out around the world, they’re ready for the same old beat. They’re dancing in London and Paris and Berlin and Amsterdam. They’re dancing in the streets, all right, but no guy will grab a girl in this particular world.

What next? For the foreseeable future the people who organize these things will be working on what the Communists called “Permanent Revolution.” The left will bring on much more of the same, and worse, culminating in a campaign.
for Trump’s impeachment

That, of course, would bring us President Pence, but I’m not sure the protesting women and their variously gendered comrades have thought this thing through. Actually, I’m not sure they have thought any of it through.