Abortion – Commission or Omission?

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"When I hold my grandson and he cuddles up in my arms, I could not imagine life without him. Already in his two year old life has developed his quirks, his personality, and his love for parents and grandparents."

A wise man of the cloth I knew years ago would tell me there is not a hair's difference between the commission of an evil act and the omission not to stop it if you could. I have thought of that many times in the recent years, especially when it comes to protecting the unborn. Somehow along the way, the term abortion has become toxic to the Left. In fact, in their world of synonymy, they have come up with catch phrases such as, "reproductive rights" and a "woman's health care issue", or my favorite, "My body, my choice!"
Before I go into the puts and takes if the government should be involved in an abortion decision, I will first say this. People fall into one of three camps concerning abortion. The first is totally a woman's choice. It is not a baby being eliminated, it is just a hunk of unwanted tissue. The second is the laissez faire person. That person neither condones nor condemns the practice of abortion. The last category is the person who feels there is no difference, none, between having an abortion and infanticide. Most especially in late term abortions.
Some churches (not the Catholics or Bible believing churches) have been very silent on this issue. And that is a big, big problem. I say this for one reason mostly - more than a legal issue, abortion is a moral one. Whether it is your baby or the baby of a complete stranger, to have an instrument stuck into the mother's womb and then have the babies brains sucked out is beyond subhuman.
And here is where the rubber meets the road. What kind of a person are you? I know this is a very tough question, and an uncomfortable one. My litmus test is only this - whenever an unborn's life is terminated by an abortionist, does Jesus smile or weep? My guess is that He does not smile.
Today thousands of women marched today for many issues, including reproductive rights. In other words, the continuation of executing our innocent unborn. Yes, those are tough words, but true. Going into a woman's womb and killing and unborn (in my opinion), is no different than shooting someone in the back of the head. And think about this for a minute. In this country alone, 50 million (legal) abortions have been performed since 1973.
When I hold my grandson, and he cuddles up in my arms, I could not imagine life without him. Already in his two year old life, he has developed quirks, his personality has developed, and his love for his parents and grandparents has deepened.
Yet, there are so many people who by no fault of their own cannot have children, would love to adopt these unwanted kids. I have friends who have adopted in the past, and they love their adopted children as fiercely as they would have loved biological ones. Why? They are all gifts from God.
This is tough subject, and I know it. But I am firm on it. Abortion is not a form of birth control. I don't give a rat's butt if someone get pregnant by forgetting the pill, a one night stand, rape, incest, or whatever - that child is a gift from God. Killing that child via abortion is NEVER an option.
Commission or omission. As far as abortion is concerned, neither is acceptable. For the 200+million who are of the faith, consider this article. Consider what my friend who was of the cloth said. And most of all, remember this - taking the high road is not always the easy road, but the right road.