Deplorables, Snowflakes and Quitters

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"Despite what the snowflakes and quitters say, America is exceptional. And it is poised to once again be that bright, shining city on a hill."

Today is the day! Finally! Even though things got kicked off last night, today is the day the hand goes on the Bible. Today is the day that the nation bestows the imprimatur of President on to Donald Trump. And today is the day that Barack Hussein Obama flies off into the sunset - literally. Rumor has it he and the family are headed for the golf courses in Palm Springs.
Last evening was the pre-inauguration concert by the reflecting pond and the Lincoln Memorial. There were thousands of excited Trump supporters - otherwise known as the deplorables. The music was provided by Toby Keith, the group Three Doors Down, and of course Lee Greenwood. The weather was dead perfect, the music fantastic or better, and the crowd loved it - as did our President Elect. That was the good part of the evening.
Of course, as the evening wore on the miscreants, who were intermingled with the snowflakes, took over. Replete with gutter language, masks, googles, and yes, even some gas masks, they took to the streets. What were they trying to do? Ruin the night for those who were there to celebrate this long held American tradition. Of course, these malcontents were not citizens. Real American citizens would not act that way.
One six year old boy, there with his proud parents, lit something on fire in the street. When questioned by a news reporter why he did it, the boy replied, "Because I felt like it". Then the reporter asked why he was out there in the middle of the mayhem. The boy replied something to the effect of, "I don't like the new f**king President!" I was thinking how proud his parents must have felt at that moment. The boys probable future? A life sentence in "Loserville".
Lets see - I have addressed the deplorables and the snowflakes. I must now address the quitters. This group of almost 70 Congressmen are setting the worst example that I could think of for our youth. Their animus towards our President Elect is so strong, so vile, they will never accept him. Well here is a news flash for those has beens and left overs from the 60's. You don't matter. If you were my Congressman or woman, I would work 24 X 7 to get rid of you. The funny thing is this. Hillary called Trump supporters deplorable. The quitters are worse than deplorable. They are hypocrites.
Well on to our big day. A celebration shall be had! Our new President is a blank canvas, just waiting to make his first mark. I am optimistic that good things are ahead for our country. Despite what the snowflakes and quitters say, America is exceptional. And it is poised to once again be that bright, shining city on a hill.