No limits what-so-ever

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"I wonder if Pollard had requested a sex change if he would have served less time. Or if Manning did not, if he would have served more. Just wondering."

Even I was shocked by what he did yesterday. When the news came across the wire yesterday afternoon, it really started to sink in. This man knows no limits. None. This community organizer from Chicago can smell his end coming up. End of what? End of his unbridled power. So he is now commuting prison sentences by the hundreds. And yes, even the "trans whatever" who leaked thousands of our nation's secrets to Wikileaks.
While he is at it, I am surprised he did not also pardon Bowe Bergdahl. Or Leonard Peltier. Or Mumia Abu-Jamal. Or even Charles Manson. But hey - it is only Wednesday morning. The week is still young. Knowing Obama, he will have pen in hand right up until Trump's hand in on the Bible.
But Private Manning is a horse of a different color. And I will say this as a retired military man who held a high level clearance for over two decades. The United States Code is very clear - clear as a bell, on the rights and responsibilities of having a clearance. Also the penalties should the privilege of having a clearance be abused. Everyone who has had a clearance had the opportunity to turn the clearance down. Turn it down should the responsibility of having one be too high. But once a person accepts a clearance, that person is bound by our ALL of our federal national security laws.
I find it interesting that Jonathan Pollard served 30 years before being released on parole. His sin was spying for Israel, an friend and ally of ours. Manning's sin was leaking classified information to Wikileaks. Once disclosed by Wikileaks, all that classified information became known to everyone on the planet.
Pollard gets 30 years, Manning gets 7. I wonder if Pollard had requested a sex change if he would have served less time. Or if he had been spying for someone other than Israel. Or if Manning did not want a sex change, if he would have served more time. Just wondering.
Rush was right when he said the final days of Obama would be the most dangerous. He does not need to fool anyone, anymore. Now he can be really be himself. And we are now able to see live and in color, what he is capable of. He knows no limits. None, what-so-ever.