Reporters Beg Martin Luther King III to Denounce Trump [Updated]

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This afternoon, Martin Luther King III met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower. Following their meeting, reporters begged King–pleaded with him–to denounce Trump, in order to further their anti-Trump narratives. The naked partisanship of their questions would be shocking if we hadn’t seen it thousands of times before. These reporters are Democratic Party operatives, nothing more and nothing less. Here are the questions they asked Mr. King, who remained commendably level-headed:

TOM LLAMAS: Mr. King, as you know, Representative Lewis still has the scars from the March on Selma. Were you offended by the President-elect’s tweet that Representative Lewis is all talk and no action?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Sir, you know many African Americans are very concerned about a Trump presidency. A woman came in here last week and told me he’s going to have black people up against the wall, both literally and figuratively. Did he allay your concerns that he’ll be a president for all people, black and white?
JIM ACOSTA: Sir, but if I may follow up, isn’t there something that cuts to your core when you hear the President-elect refer to John Lewis as all talk and no action? I mean, nothing could be further from the truth, isn’t that right? John Lewis is not all talk and no action.

The Democratic Party thinks it derives great power from its control over the press, but increasingly, Americans just yawn. Or laugh.

UPDATE: In a similar vein, the Village Voice attacked me today for criticizing “civil rights icon” John Lewis on Martin Luther King day. Well, it wasn’t actually on MLK day, but what’s the point? Lewis may have been a civil rights hero 50 years ago, but he has been a partisan attack dog for decades. The idea that he can launch extreme, unfair and dishonest attacks, and those attacks can’t be responded to, is ridiculous. No one is buying it.