Quick Hits: Volume CXLI

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- It was wrong for Congressman John Lewis (D-GA) to say Donald Trump's election as President is "illegitimate." Trump firing back at Lewis by essentially saying he's all talk, no action was also wrong if not downright petty. But this idea that Lewis is above criticism because of his exemplary work as a young man in the civil rights struggle of the 1960s? Beyond asinine. Besides, Dems are never shy about taking faux outrages and turning them into fundraising opportunities.

But I digress.

By the way, does anyone else find it somewhat ironic that while Lewis was a champion for civil rights he is also a staunch advocate for denying certain citizens from exercising their second amendment rights due to their appearing on some vague "watch list" without due process?

- It's the final week of the Barack Obama presidency!!!!

I could literally compile a Top 100 list of things I will absolutely not miss about Obama's tenure. Easily within the Top 5 though? It has to be the utterly stupefying lack of self-awareness.

- Speaking of Obama's final days, his successor, Donald Trump, will officially be inaugurated this Friday.

I really don't pay much attention to Inauguration festivities outside of the actual transfer of power, but apparently there are multiple balls/parties which take place to celebrate the new White House occupant.

Much has been made of the fact that certain performers have declined to appear at any of the events surrounding Trump's inauguration, whether it's exercising their personal conscience (which is back en vogue I guess) or being shamed by poo-flinging, thumb-sucking lefties "Social Justice Warriors." As such, many proggies are chiding the incoming administration for not being able draw in the star-studded talent that, say, the Obamas always seemed to attract at events.

The fact that people are now judging a presidential administration by their appeal within the entertainment clique has pretty much clinched the fact that America has gone full Idiocracy.