Survival of the fittest….

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"Jeff Bezos is making history as this is being written. In fact, he has been doing it for a while now."

I could hardly believe what my eyes were seeing or my ears were hearing. Nobody, and I mean nobody in the past few decades has announced they were going to add 100,000 new employees! I mean wow kabow! Yes, I am talking about Jeff Bezo's company, Amazon. And what makes this story even more amazing is this. A week ago there was an article about how Amazon has increased the robotics in their fulfillment (distribution) centers from 30,000+ in 2015 to 45,000 in 2016. And they expect that number to grow in 2017.
I have told my daughters this for years - be aware when history is being made. Jeff Bezos is making history as this is being written. In fact, he has been doing it for a while now. He is not the only one - there are others. But for this article, I will focus only on Bezos and his company, Amazon.
My opinion about Bezos? He is a modern day Andrew Carnegie. Henry Ford. Alexander Graham Bell. Wait a minute! He is not an inventor? So what is he inventing? How we all shop, that is how. And that is only with his Amazon company. He has some other things in the cooker besides Amazon. Bezos is out to change the world, and so far he is doing a pretty darn good job.
Last year the large shopping center by where we live closed two large brick and mortar stores. In 2017, and even larger one is scheduled to be shuttered by the end of this winter. Best Buy is opening up small "distribution" stores to help compete with this new behemoth in the industry. Meanwhile, many establishment stores are either going out of business or struggling to survive. And - Amazon is adding 100,000 jobs in the next 18 months.
One final word about these 100,000 jobs being added by Amazon. According to the press release, these jobs will all have decent wages with benefits. What? In this day of age? Yes. between President Trump running the country and the innovations of Bezos, Musk and others - we could be in for quite a ride in 2017 and beyond.
One more thing. In the near future, I will be addressing Google. There is much, much more here than the eyes have seen. Stay tuned.