Trump Bestrides the Liberals’ World Like a Colossus

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As we and others have documented countless times, the liberal world has gone bonkers over Donald Trump. It is an odd thing: Trump isn’t even a conservative, or wasn’t until recently. Yet liberals have gone nuts over his ascendancy in a way that is unprecedented. They make fools of themselves hour by hour, and, weirdly, don’t seem to notice.

The current issue of Vanity Fair, a celebrity-oriented Democratic Party magazine, is a case in point. Check out the cover of the January 2017 issue:


Apart from the cover story, virtually the entire issue is devoted to attacking Trump: “Trumpocalypse now!” “Michael Lewis: The Biggest Short is Trump’s Vision Problem.” “The Tapes that Could Derail the New Presidency.” “Trump In Palm Beach: The Bounder vs. the Bluebloods.” “Half-Sister Act: The Dossiers On Ivanka & Tiffany.” “Daddy’s Boys: The Dossiers On Eric & Don Junior.”

Are these people nuts? For whatever reason, Donald Trump has driven them around the bend. As regular readers know, I was anything but a Trump supporter through the primary season. But observing how bizarrely liberals react to him makes me think that his fans were on to something from the beginning.