One classless act

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"Remember - Al is not too bright. He had the gall to address voter fraud with Jeff Sessions."

I could not see part of it yesterday as we were on the road, fighting our way through snowy traffic. However, I did listen to it live on the radio. I turned it on just before Ted Cruz came on to properly put things into perspective. First off, he spanked the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee for total and absolute hypocrisy. As only Senator Cruz can do it, he reeled off point by point by point how during the Obama Administration, when the Democrats should have spoken up for the rule of law, suddenly they all became deaf, dumb and blind.
Then came the frosting in the cake. Senator Cruz addressed our own "Big Al the kiddie's pal" Franken about the questions he gave to Senator Sessions. Al, who is not very bright, nor is a lawyer (then why is he in the Judiciary Committee?), was not match for Senator Cruz, who has a verifiable audio-graphic memory. Seems that Al was quoting some fake news as his source and did not have his facts straight. Ted then went on to school our beloved Senator. It was a thing of beauty.
As enjoyable as that was, it was nothing compared to Al's second bite at the apple. Remember - Al is not too bright. He had the gall to address voter fraud with Jeff Sessions. This is the man who more than half the country believes gained his office for just that reason. John Fine of the Wall Street Journal dedicated part of a book to the 300+ vote recount vote victory that Al received. He pointed out the voter fraud in that election. Also, one of my friends from Minnesota Majority had all kinds of information in how vulnerable our voting system was at that time and still is. Translation = because no voter ID, Minnesota is ripe for fraud.
Then Al took went to one of the favorite pages from the progressive playbook. There is no voter fraud. In fact voter fraud is nothing more than a canard. Voter fraud is a Republican "dog whistle" for voter suppression. You know - that "good old boy" Sessions must be a racist, as he is from the South. And since Franken now rumored to live on the coast, he has jumped head first back into La-la Land,
I guess if I wanted to, I could give some sage council to Al Franken. Will Rogers once said, "Never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut." I could pass that on to Al, or ---- continue to watch his classless act unfold in Congress. As a Minnesotan however, it is tough to watch.