The real “la-la land”

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"In this insular community of leftie bigots called Hollywood, most of these primadonnas delight in drinking each other's bath water."

Darn! I missed the Golden Globes last night! Oh well. If the truth be known, I would rather stick my finger down my throat than watch this bunch of pompous, self righteous, phonies get up on stage and tell me how dumb I am for being a conservative. Or how I am ruining the planet by driving my truck. Or what saviors to mankind Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton or Barack Hussein Obama are. Gag me with a spoon!
In this insular community of leftie bigots called Hollywood, most of these primadonnas delight in drinking each other's bath water. When they decided to honor Meryl Streep last night with some kind of prestigious award, she could not resist the opportunity to once again re-litigate the past election. Of course when she went after Donald Trump by calling him out as some kind of unthinking bigot, the rest of the phonies in the auditorium broke out in wild applause. Of course if she had mentioned the criminal act of abandonment which happened in Benghazi, she would have been booed and thrown off the stage.
What has amazed me for years is how stupid these people are. With half (or better) of the country being conservative, to insult conservatives (or their President) is like cutting off their nose despite their face. It is like when the outgoing CEO of Starbucks was rumored to have said, "If you are a Trump supporter, we don't need your business." Really sir? You would give up on almost 65 million customers because you are such an ideologue?
Here is my message to the fine folks who live and work in Hollywood. I have mentioned this before, but for some reason, the Loony Left on the Left Coast did not get the message. On November 8th of last year, this nation went through a sea change. Donald Trump is only part of that change. He just happened to be the candidate who heard the message and was able to articulate it.
The change which happened in November, swept over the country like powerful storm. It changed the landscape. That is, unless you live in enclaves on either coast or the Twin Cities.
This morning, somebody put on social media a statement defending Streep for what she said last night. He said she had a right to her opinion. That is true. She does. It is part of our First Amendment right to say whatever, no matter how inane it is. But one of my former CPO's in the Navy once told me something interesting about having an opinion. He said, "Opinions are like assholes - everyone has one." Only in the Navy can it be summed up that well.