Old Wounds

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"First off, Donald Trump is not the guy you can kick sand at. He fights back - and hard."

ICYMI. The BIG NEWS STORY this morning was the New York Times front page hit piece on Donald Trump. On how he mishandles women. That story was immediately followed by another story titled, "The sun rises in the east". Both stories had equal value. There was only one problem with the Trump story - there was nothing there. Nothing new under the sun. And Democrats who are paying attention right now, simply cringe when a left leaning rag like the Times brings up the woman issue against Donald Trump.
Why is that? First off, Donald Trump is not the guy you can kick sand at. He fights back - and hard. Secondly (and this one is really important), of all the baggage Hillary has, her husband is her heaviest bag. Mr. Trump has hinted more than once he has information on Slick Willie that even the press has not yet seen. Yes, the serial philanderer, the President who never met a skirt he did not chase, is low fruit on the tree for Donald Trump. So low in fact, it is almost on the ground.
One of the pundits on a cable news show I was watching this morning had an interesting comment. First off, this pundit is a hard core leftie, and no friend of Trump. He said the Times piece was a "gift" to Trump because there was nothing there. Does he talk rude to women at times? Absolutely. However, no more rude than he talks to men. That is his nature. And that is what some folks really like about him. He talks tough and he is tough.
Bill Clinton on the other hand, does much, much more than just talk rude to women. According to a gaggle of women who have already come forward to tattle, Bill Clinton is much more like Bill Cosby. And Hillary has known about many (maybe most) of them. And she has either done nothing (because she did not want to lose her power position as First Lady), or tried to shut them up. Donald Trump is aware of all this and is going to beat these facts like a drum. Over and over and over again.
More and more Democrats are getting nervous about Hillary. Too much baggage from her emails. Too much baggage from Benghazi. WAY TOO much baggage from Bill. In the paper this morning was an article about Democrats being worried about a "passion gap" with Hillary. People are just not enthused. Some are downright scared.
My advice to the Democrats is keep it up. Donald Trump will make you look like fools just like he has made the media look like fools. Love him or hate him, the Republicans have a real tiger by the tail this time around. We actually have a guy who can clean house on the other side of the aisle. That is, if we let him.