Showdown in Cleveland

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"Donald Trump could very, very possibly be our next President. From a historical perspective, he is in the right place at the right time."

It is hard to believe it is only two months away. Our "presumptive" nominee has been toning down his rhetoric and tying to make peace within the party. It is looking less and less likely there will be any major infighting within the convention halls. On the outside however, is a different story. There could be a melee or major proportions.
Please don't send me hate mail for what I am about to say. I have thought about this for a while now, and I am thinking it might be true. And I think more and more people are coming to the same conclusion. Folks not only on the Right, but also on the Left. Donald Trump could very, very possibly be our next President. From a historical perspective, he is in the right place at the right time. And he has the right message for us after eights year of Obama. Plus (and this is a big one), he does not have the growing legal baggage that Hillary has.
But.....there are all kinds of people who detest the idea of Donald Trump being our next President. Some conservatives yes, but many, many more on the Left. The idea of having someone in the White House who does not promise everyone interest group in the nation two chickens in every pot is repugnant to many. So much so, many will travel to Cleveland to protest. And some of these protests might turn ugly.
The head of the Cleveland police union held a presser this past week. He said the cops are nowhere prepared for what they might be facing this summer at the convention. What? After all the time that has elapsed since Cleveland was selected? Yup - hard to believe. Much of the new riot gear which has been ordered has not yet arrived. Also, what has arrived has not been trained in.
I am also thinking mayors of many blue cities such as Cleveland are not going to enjoy a Trump Presidency. As the saying goes, there will be a new sheriff in town. Trump may be socially liberal, but he knows how to run a business. I believe he will allow our cities to be run more like business units rather than social experiments. The term "bailout" might end up in the trash heap of historical jargon.
So buckle up Cleveland. You have no idea what is coming at you this summer. For my friends who are going to be national delegates, enjoy the convention - but also have a care. For those who choose to protest Donald Trump and the Republicans, go ahead. History is not on your side this year. The days of Obama are almost over. Get used to saying President Trump.