Open Letter To Minnesota Public Radio News

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To: Minnesota Public Radio News
From: Mitch Berg, Uppity Peasant
Re: Food For Thought


Isn’t it annoying – to say the least – to have to subject your constitutional freedoms to theatrical, unproductive and degrading scrutiny by bureaucrats, to no useful end?

A few minutes after 8 o’clock Monday morning, [MPR Reporter] Mukhtar Ibrahim started filing through the security line at the federal courthouse in Minneapolis.
It was a big day for Ibrahim, and figured to be a long one: Day one of a high-profile trial for three local men accused of plotting to join ISIS fighters in Syria.

Ibrahim and a reporter for the Star Tribune approached the security screening and offered their bags for clearance by a security officer. The other reporter, who is white, passed right through and headed for the elevator. Ibrahim was stopped, and told he couldn’t go in yet. He would have to wait for the time when the court opened to the public.

If it saves even one life…!

Ibrahim protested, pulling out a press badge showing he works for Minnesota Public Radio. Not good enough, the officer said. Go wait with the rest of the public.

Ibrahim didn’t argue and instead just collected his wallet, keys, and bag, and went to wait with public spectators. The way Ibrahim figures, he shouldn’t have even needed to flash the badge. He’s been covering cases there for a year and a half: These guys should recognize him by now.

People with a long, proven record of not abusing free speech are almost never a danger!

On Monday, once Ibrahim and the rest of the non-journalists observers there for the trial were let in, he simply walked across the courtroom to the area sectioned-off for members of the media and sat down. But the episode continued to eat at him.

“It messed up my mood the whole day,” Ibrahim said. “I was just really frustrated. I didn’t expect this.”

It is frustrating, isn’t it? Trying to go about your business, doing something you have a Constitutional right to do, and getting badgered by petty bureaucrats?

“I like to stick to the facts,” Ibrahim said, “so I’ll let people make their own conclusions of this.”

The obvious answer; force all reporters to take a background check.

That’ll fix it.

That is all.

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A thirteen minute lowlight reel of Hillary’s lies:

She’s for gay marriage and against it!

She’s “second to none” in her progressivism and her moderation

90% of her emails were on State Department systems, and one percent were!

And that was just the first four minutes!

Pass it on to a Democrat friend.

(Via Powerline)

The Early ’70s – the National Coalition to Ban Handguns distributes signs indicating that the home is “proud to be gun-free”.

They made the usual, predictable media splash – the nation’s opinion-pushers were pretty roundly anti-gun in those days, and they’d done a pretty fair job of bandwagoning a good chunk of American opinion into line with them.

But then a funny thing happened.

The robbery rates in “gun-free homes” shot through the roof; owners of posted homes found that they were being robbed at a rate vastly, vastly, utterly, screamingly, almost satirically higher than their neighbors.

So the signs disappeared almost as fast as the “no guns allowed” signs vanished from Twin Cities bars after “gun-free” bars found themselves getting stuck up at an alarming rate.

We’re seeing a pattern here – right?

And by “we” I mean anyone whose EKG is ticking in the least bit.

Because not everybody does.

UPDATE: Hah! It look like the “red light” story is from a satire site! The story is fake…

…but accurate.

In other words, I’ve fallen for a line that is devoid of fact. Just like Senator Latz, Representatives Norton and Schoen, Heather Martens, the Right Reverend Nancy Nord Bence, Joan Peterson and Nick Coleman. Only mine doesn’t trample the Constitution and get innocent people killed.

Tyler Gottwalt strapped on an AK47 and took a walk. He was looking for trouble…

…in pretty much the same way Martin Luther King was. He set out to flush out an illegal law.

And he found it. While the Sauk Rapids cops knew the law – citizens with carry permits are allowed to carry uncased long arms in public – the Saint Cloud PD didn’t. They arrested Gottwalt, citing a city ordinance.

We’ll let the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance take up the story next:

As Professor Olson notes in the video, Saint Cloud can’t regulate guns differently than the state does, due to the state’s pre-emption ordinance. Which makes the SCPD’s arrest an illegal one.

Gottwalt is sueing the city. I hope he wins and wins big.