Once again, it is Tom’s race

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"Tom is also not afraid of the tough issues."

I will admit it. And I am not ashamed of it. I like Tom Emmer. Have since the first day I met him. I have said this behind his back and I have said this to his face. I love having him as my Congressman - I would have loved it even more if he had been my Governor. But that is water under the bridge. Right now, Tom Emmer is representing the 6th District of Minnesota and I think he deserves another two years.
When Tom ran two years ago, he ran against a good friend of mine. Fortunately, once the race was over and Tom won the endorsement, she is still a good friend of mine. Her friendship means alot to me, and she is very talented and effective in this position she holds. This year Tom is again running against a friend of mine. Another very capable and patriotic woman. My hope is once this is over, she and I can remain being friends. That being said, just like two years ago, I think this is Tom's race. He deserves another two years.
Back in my working day, I dealt with some people on the Hill. Both Congresspeople and Senators. To put it mildly, it is a madhouse in DC. Least wise it was back then. I can only imagine the chaotic mess it is today.
Many people would go into a newly elected position in Washington and melt. Not Tom. He has spent his first part of his first term "plowing the road" so to speak. Now, during this current session, Tom is starting to show his stuff. He is already co-sponsoring bills. Plus, he is working with Speaker Ryan in getting our Government back to operating under Article 1 of the Constitution. In other words, Congress has many powers reserved that it has not been using. Or, no more Monarchy plays from the President.
Tom is also not afraid of the tough issues. Cuba is a great example. Tom feels strongly (and I totally agree with him on this one) that the time for normalization with Cuba is here. The government of Cuba is nothing more than a Cold War left over. The people in Cuba deserve so much more than they have been receiving. Some people are ticked at Tom for this position, but Tom does not duck and questions or criticism. If you are one who questions the wisdom of this move, call his office or send him an email. Tom will answer your questions or concerns.
All this being said, Tom and I do not agree on everything. We have had some interesting chats about the immigration issues in central Minnesota. And maybe we don't totally agree at the end of the discussion, I still have an understanding on why Tom feels the way he does or votes the way he does. Tom knows that not everyone will agree with him on everything, but it is important for him to know that people understand why he voted the way he did.
In conclusion, Tom is my Congressman. I am good with that. I am also good with having Tom be my Congressman for another two years. It is important that the 6th District remain in the hands of the GOP. It is also important that my Congressman learn the ropes so he or she can be effective in getting the ship of state back on Constitutional footing. And that is what I think Tom can do in his next two years.