Climate Hustle

I attended the one-night-only showing of the new movie “Climate Hustle” last evening.  I must confess it was disappointing.  I had hoped for a large crowd and that they would be exposed to the overwhelming scientific evidence that this “catastrophic anthropogenic (man-made) global warming” (CAGW) was a fraud, a great pseudoscientific hoax.  Instead I got sort of a Sesame-Street, short-attention-span flurry of images followed by several rounds of talking-head discussion.  The arguments in favor boil down to three rather questionably useful precepts:  1) a trend will continue until it changes, 2) correlation is proof of causation, and 3) that we can reliably predict the future AND we can change it (mostly by wishing it so).  All of these, quite reasonably, were shown by simple logic and observed data to be false.  There was enough real science to completely disprove the CAGW theory, but mostly the message was that this is a religious and political movement with ZERO scientific evidence in support of it.  I guess “hustle” was the correct title, but didn’t we already know that?