About that three-way

It is said that every man’s dream is to have a three-way, but the current Republican Presidential contest looks a lot more like a nightmare, with too many of the possible combinations leading to an unpleasant outcome.  First, of course, you have the much-ballyhooed competition between Donald Trump and the not-Trumps, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Because of “the Donald’s” long history of saying and doing things NOT conservative, this is perhaps the most important and worrisome combination. 

 But you also have the anti-establishment – Trump and Cruz – vs. (unfairly or not) establishment darling Rubio.  This could also be called the Angry vs. the Docile, again perhaps unfair, but “The Young and the Restless” was already taken for a different soap opera and besides, that would better apply to Cruz and Rubio against the more elderly Trump.  Lastly, you have the Leader vs. the Dealmakers, which is Cruz against Trump and Rubio.  Never mind that Trump claims he will make “such good deals you won’t believe it,” they are still deals, and Rubio still believes he can work with Democrats.  Now whether Cruz can deliver on his clear policy objectives without making deals and compromises, even assuming Republicans maintain control of Congress, isn’t an unreasonable question.  I know how I would vote, but unfortunately I don’t get to vote for everybody else.  There is such a thing as too many in a three-way.