Scalia: 10 Fingers in the Dike

Approximately a year ago I had the incredible opportunity to be present at a Federalist Society luncheon in Phoenix, with keynote speaker, Justice Scalia. Included was a pre-luncheon book signing with with him. A chance to meet and share a word or two with a true Constitutionalist – who could refuse?

For some reason books were not moving as quickly as the line moved. Justice Scalia was looking for a book when I reached the “signing spot.” I commented to him, “Thank you for keeping your finger in the dike.” 

He hadn’t heard me completely so he turned to look directly at me and asked, “What did you say?”

“Justice, thank you for keeping your finger in the dike.”

WIthout missing a beat, he spread both of his hands, extended all 10 fingers, each in a slight curve and replied, “All 10 fingers are in the dike.” (see photo at end. Source)

 “All 10 fingers.” That drove home just how precarious our situation was and is. 

Truly we have lost a genuine citizen, one who understands the beauty and uniqueness of the Unites States of America. May we find someone who can fill his shoes.