Yesterday’s DFL lies, Part II

This picture shows just how disgustingly dishonest the DFL is:

The agenda for this year’s special session is still being negotiated but the Alliance for a Better Minnesota is already lying about Jim Knoblach’s votes. In the interest of honesty and integrity, I’m proposing that the Alliance for a Better Minnesota be renamed. I’m open to suggestions, especially if they feature alliteration.

The ABM functions as the DFL’s clearinghouse for focus group-approved lies. Their interest in the truth is minimal at best. The education bill that Rep. Knoblach voted for was the Bakk-Daudt omnibus bill that Senate Majority Leader Bakk voted for, too. In fact, 7 Democrat senators voted against the omnibus bill as did 7 Republican senators.

I have visual proof that the bill that ABM says shortchanged schools passed the Senate with a veto-proof majority of 52-14:

I wrote this post to highlight this quote from ABM Executive Director Joe Davis:

“Minnesota Republicans — especially in the House — need to be held accountable for putting corporations ahead of working families’ priorities,” says Alliance for a Better Minnesota Executive Director Joe Davis. “The GOP repeatedly pushed for special treatment for big business, but shortchanged our schools.”

MPR’s Catherine Richert exposed ABM’s lie, saying “Of course, this being politics, the story the Alliance for a Better Minnesota is trying to tell in its ads is more complicated than that. House Republicans and Senate Democrats agreed to put $400 million more into K-12 education. Dayton wants $150 million more than that to fund pre-kindergarten in public schools, and says he will veto the bill as a result.”

The DFL is a morally bankrupt political party. Their interest isn’t in setting good public policy but rather in dictating to people what they can and can’t do. If that requires lying to the people, then that’s what ABM