Governor Jindal’s Passionate Talk at RPM Lincoln Reagan Dinner

Q – How do you ask a dad, raised without electricity and running water, for an allowance?

A – You don’t. But you find a way to earn your way.

Governor Jindal’s talk at the recent MNGOP Lincoln-Reagan Dinner (LR) drove home his unswerving, intense belief in the American Dream. Why? He’s lived it as did his parents.


As immigrants from India, they arrived with very little, some would say nothing but the latter word indicates zero, zip, nada. What they brought with them was a dream. You know, just get to that place  (America) that provides opportunity.

His dad needed a job so he started calling companies in the yellow pages of the phone books. He called until someone said, “Yes, I’ll hire you; you can start Monday.” To which Bobby’s dad replied, “Great. Will you please pick me up on the way to work?”

Welcome to Gov. Jindal’s family world, one that instilled a love of our great country.  The most visible aspect of Governor Jindal’s talk was his passion for the USA. He believes in our nation, warts and all because he knows what we can do.  

In LA, over 90% of students have a real choice, where they will go to school. You see, Governor Jindal implemented a program where the money follows the child, not the other way around. Along the way, automatic teacher tenure was dismantled. Teachers MUST be in the top 20% for five years before getting tenure. Guess what this does to the caliber of teachers and by default, instruction.

He also took a couple of needed shots against the Democrats (not all, but now, a majority of the vocal ones.) A short list:

1 – Dems do not trust the American people – THEY have to decide what we eat, where we send our kids to school, soda drink sizes, light bulbs, etc.

2 – Dems, in particular the DC  Democrat administration, president and senate are doing everything they can to divide us by class, region, race, gender, etc. Jindal, Circumstance of birth do NOT determine what one can do.

3 – Thus, one can say Dems are responsible for the corrosion of the American Dream. How? They push for equality of outcomes, not equality of opportunity – perfect way to kill innovation.

4 – When Dem. Axelrod was asked why Democrat Obama did not know what was going on (take your choice, NO’care Fast and Furious, Benghazi, NSA, IRS, etc.) the answer was, “Because the government is so big. Uh, that is our problem!!!

5 – Indirectly, Dems are attacking religious freedom. Whether or not Dems believe in a Higher Power is irrelevant. The desire for religious freedom was a key reason people came to the US.

In conclusion, no notes, speaking from his heart, Governor Jindal showed that he really gets it. The US is unique in its Founding and still is as compared to nations today.

As he said, we win the election in front of us. He believes MN is an important state for 2014. Franken and Dayton are killing our state and the US. We need to return MN to its incredible history of private sector success (vs. the public sector Goliath we have today).

We win, Dems lose. It’s that simple for 2014.