Terrible Twos

I was suddenly struck a while back by the juxtaposition of two news stories: the flap over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s supposed “offramp-gate” scandal and the hue and cry over the name of the Washington Redskins football team.  Surely those of you who have watched or are watching small children know exactly what I mean?  That is, somewhere around the age of one when a child is walking well and getting into everything, you see them taking great delight in one particular discovery – the discovery that they can make things happen.  One of the favorites, if older children or parents will play, is to push on a person or thing and see it move or topple over.  This goes on, to their great delight, until the subject tires of the sport and resists, or stays toppled, at which time the child is outraged at the former, or moves on to something else in the latter. 

Liberals are exactly like that!  They will scream and kick their feet in protest (remember Gov. Dayton leading a protest against the Redskins?) and they’re still screaming about it.  They’re still screaming about Christie, too, but he isn’t playing and eventually, they will shut up and find some NEW target.  Remember how Newt Gingrich had to step down as Speaker, and as soon as he did, the liberals went after the NEXT speaker?   Hopefully, the adults will eventually learn to just say “no” to these spoiled infant despots-in-training, and we’ll all be better off for it.  We need to learn fast, however, because for most of these liberals, the “terrible twos” are the next stage, where they simply won’t do what makes sense, regardless of what the older and wiser adults may tell them.   Somebody get me a switch.