Rotten to the Core?

Anne e-mails to weigh in against the Common Core educational standards:

I’m guessing perhaps you’ve heard of Common Core standards. In having a teen and a now two-year-old, we are rapidly seeing the worst of the worst in public education and government takeover.

This includes chartered schools, Catholic schools, Montessori and even the beloved Waldorf schools and most importantly, those families that choose to home school.

That hits very close to home (no pun intended).

I am part of a non-partisan, grassroots organization that is opposed to Common Core standards.

We are in need of getting the word out further, through your webpage or other media contacts that you know would be interested in taking this on.

Please visits our webpage for all the information at:

We are on FB and I am the administrator for Hennepin County Against Common Core (FB only). I work closely with Linda Bell – the woman who started this all just 10 months ago. We do not get paid. We have met with legislators and are meeting with them more and more of them as well as giving speeches and talks to families, legislators & church organizations.

We recently caused a ruckus with the MN Chamber of Commerce as they are hosting the upcoming Education Summit where we discovered many of the organizations & sponsors are backers in Common Core. Target & General Mills were just a few to name and many have recently removed their names from their advertising…but we’re confident not their funding. Clearly, even our legislators are unaware of what Common Core is doing in our schools and how it affects families, teachers, communities and most importantly, its students.

I also have lots of stories from the Minnetonka school district. This is not not just a ‘Minneapolis’ problem. Everyone is affected.

There’s also a video available with more details on the problems with Common Core.


Up to this point, I’ve been agnostic on the Common Core standards. I haven’t spent much time on the matter and what I have read has been a mixed bag on whether they’re a step in the right direction or a step backwards. People with solid credentials on education have opined both for and against the standards and it hasn’t been clear which view has the better of the argument. Time to dig in further.