Cellphone searches, is your 4th Amendment rights compromised?

At the center of discussion across the nation on rights of privacy is a little tool which more than 90 percent of Americans have: the cell phone, smart phone or variation of (personal device).

Why the crucial tool is a central point of discussion, other than a great way to keep track of you, is the enormous amount of data it can collect and holds on you and the ease government can get access to it. To give you perspective, just think of the personal data you have in your desk drawers and cabinets.  Some of it more than likely can be carried in your “personal device”.  Also technology is increasing the amount of data you can store on your personal device.  Those files and data would have 4th Amendment protection and would be off limits if they were in your home.  Government would need a search warrant.  But do cops need a warrant if your records and data are in your “personal device”?

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