Sgt. Schultz…er, Gov. Dayton strikes again

If people don’t take their blood pressure medication before reading this article, it isn’t because I didn’t warn them.

ALERT: Don’t read this article if you have high blood pressure.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Fourteen MNsure managers were paid bonuses totalling more than $26,000 in November as Minnesota launched its troubled online health insurance exchange, state officials said Wednesday.

If you think that’s why I’m upset, you’re partially right. This part has me furious:

Matt Swenson, a spokesman for the governor, said Dayton’s office was not involved in or aware of the bonuses. Swenson said that by law, MNsure operates independently of the governor and has its own board and executive director.

In other words, Gov. Dayton is insisting that he didn’t have a clue what was happening in his executive branch. It’s getting tiresome. First, Gov. Dayton played the Sgt. Schultz Card when he ‘found out’ that PSLs, aka money-making devices for the Wilfs, were in the stadium deal he personally negotiated.

The next time he played the Sgt. Schultz Card was right before FarmFest, when he expressed surprise that Minnesota’s sales tax was in the Tax Bill that he negotiated.

The third time Gov. Dayton played the Sgt. Schultz Card, it was when he expressed surprise when he found out that the contracts with the MNsure contractors had been changed.

This time, he’s surprised because people who’d failed with their mission received bonuses.

What’s striking is that Gov. Dayton’s Sgt. Schultz moments are coming more rapidly. It took almost 2 years before his first incident. It took only 6 months (roughly) for his second bout with Sgt. Schultz Syndrome. It was just 4 months from the FarmFest bout with Sgt. Schultz Syndrome until he played the Sgt. Schultz Card on the MNsure contracts. It took less than a month for him to be utterly clueless about the bonuses.

The first question I have is whether Gov. Dayton has a clue as to what’s happening in his administration. It certainly doesn’t appear that he does. The next question is, if he doesn’t know what’s happening, who’s running the government? I certainly didn’t vote for Bob Hume or Tina Smith to run the state government.