Super cold

It’s cold out. I own a hybrid car. Hybrids are great when it’s not cold out. When it is cold out they don’t work properly. It’s cold out. The hybrid is not working great. I’ll be buying real cars from now on. 

Alix Kendall from Fox9 joined us at 6:20 like she does every Tuesday. Today we talked about the chance that the new Vikings stadium will host the Super Bowl at some point. It will happen. It will be shiny and new and the NFL will want to reward the team for getting a new stadium from the taxpayers. The possibility of a Super Bowl is always used when teams are trying to convince the taxpayers to foot the bill for a new stadium. The league will want to back up that possibility for future teams by rewarding Minnesota with the big game. That hypothetical future Super Bowl will be likely be the last one ever in Minnesota, as it will be reviewed after the fact as a huge mistake because it’s too freaking cold here. When the Lefty Hollywood types come for the game and try to drive their hybrid rentals, they will be in for a big surprise. 

Prince is suing 22 fans of his for a million bucks a piece because they shared pirated recordings of some of his live shows. What an ass. If I had 22 fans I wouldn’t sue them. Some day. Be sure to download the podcasts of Up and At ‘Em for free without any legal repercussions. 

Congressman John Kline called in to give us his thoughts on tonight’s State of the Union address. Congressman Kline expressed his concern that, while President Obama will speak to Congress and try to appeal to them to pass his ideas, he will eventually just use executive orders to accomplish what he wants. It’s a terrifying notion to keep Congress out of the law-making business and have that power solely within the executive branch. Some might say it’s unconstitutional. Hopefully a court will say that soon. Obama is ticked that Congress won’t rubber-stamp his plans. The whole point of the balance of power between our three branches of government is to avoid anybody rubber-stamping anything. Government is supposed to work slowly. This is inconvenient for a guy who promised to “fundamentally transform America.” 

Aaron Rupar from the City Pages finished up the rest of the seven o’clock hour with some City Pages news and “Ask a Liberal.” Aaron doesn’t drive the listeners nearly as crazy as Jamal does. I will try to book Jamal for next week.

If you’d like to get involved in the political process at a more intimate (and more productive) level, be sure to get out to caucuses next Tuesday. Minnesota Republican Party chair Keith Downey kicked off the eight o’clock hour with an appeal for people to attend and get involved. If you’re intimidated by caucus night, don’t be. It’s just normal people just like you who listen to talk radio and think (mostly) like you do. 

We got to meet Chris Dahlberg for the first time on air today. Chris is one of the Republicans running against Al Franken for a seat in the US Senate. He’s quite the talker and has lots of energy! Chris is from Northern Minnesota and if he is the candidate on the ballot in November, it will add an interesting wrinkle in that race and the others. It’s entirely possible that if Republicans play their cards right, the success of the statewide candidates will hinge on the mining issues in the Iron Range.

Ben, Siri, and I will be at the New Hope Cinema Grill on Winnetka tonight at 7 to watch the State of the Union Address on the big screen. Come out and meet the team and enjoy some free food and drinks.