“Need permission, not a Legislator” (But I’m a member of the public)

As many of you know I have been on the tail of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) to share with me (public data), for example, name of the company who they have a contract with for the cellular exploitative (surveillance) devices.  I also wanted a copy of the contract (public data).   So far I have gotten neither.The newly revised figure spent on the Kingfish/Stingray is about $600,000 plus with most of it general funds from the Minnesota taxpayer per response sent by Commissioner Dohman of DPS to four Minnesota legislators who sent a letter asking a number of questions.  But what intrigued me in the response is that DPS gave the names of the cell spy devices:  Kingfish and Stingray 2.  I have been asking for that same data since September.  So when I saw that legislator’s got it and I did not, I wanted to know why.I asked a number of people why.  This is my take and view:

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