DFL distancing themselves from tax increases

Next November, DFL legislators will likely pay a steep price at the voting booth for voting for the biggest tax increase in Minnesota history. They know the B2B sales taxes are wildly unpopular so they’re attempting to distance themselves from the tax increases they voted for.

They’re hoping that by submitting repeal bills, they’ll be able to distance themselves from their previous votes for the Tax Bill. I don’t think it’ll work because it feels too much like John Kerry’s I-voted-for-it-before-I-voted-against-it statement. Here’s a list of bills submitted by DFL legislators that would repeal the tax increases they voted for:

According to the House Journal’s record of the vote, only Reps. Selcer and Halverson voted against the Omnibus Tax Bill, aka HF677. It’s noteworthy that none of the IRRRB representatives are listed as co-sponsors of any of the repeal legislation. I wish I could say I’m shocked but I’m not. The DFL legislators representing the IRRRB districts think Minnesotans aren’t taxed enough.

The DFL passed the biggest tax increase in state history. House Republicans didn’t vote for the bill, meaning that the DFL owns the wreckage it’ll cause. Their voting to repeal the B2B sales taxes won’t hide the fact that they raised taxes first, then reacted when they saw the people’s outrage.

That’s only part of the House DFL’s problem. Another significant part of the House DFL’s problem is that Sen. Bakk isn’t likely to consider repealing those taxes. Sen. Bakk is a socialist through and through, indoctrinated to believe in the collective, not the individual.

The Senate isn’t up for re-election this year so he’s likely thinking that people will forget the tax increases. As businesses like DigiKey, Polaris and Red Wing Shoes start leaving the state, Minnesota’s projected deficits will increase. Then there’s the ‘MNsure Deficit’.

House DFL legislators have ample reason to worry about re-election. They passed tons of objectionable legislation that hurts Minnesota’s economy. Couple these unpopular tax increases with passing MNsure and you potentially have a toxic situation for the DFL to run in.