Not to put too fine a point on it

Walter Russell Mead, laying it down:

The more one examines the irrational outbursts and utopian schemes of these so-called green leaders, the clearer it becomes that the leading causes of climate skepticism are dumb green ideas and the self-dramatizing shenanigans of clueless green leaders. If some of these misguided green leaders are serious about solving global problems rather than posturing, the best thing they could do for a while would be to shut up and think. And they might want to take a look at some of the ideas coming from places like the Breakthrough Institute and people like Bjorn Lomborg. Their voices matter far more to the future of our environmental well-being than the mainstream green movement.

The cause of Mead’s statement?

The pensions and nest eggs of billions of people around the world are being put at risk by global warming, says the UN’s climate chief.Christiana Figueres has called on investors to pull their money out of fossil fuel linked funds.She said institutional investors would be in blatant breach of their fiduciary duty if they ignored the “clear scientific evidence”.Ms Figueres said that they should put their money into green assets instead.

Solyndra and Fisker have worked out exceptionally well. Speaking of posturing, check out Figueres and her nifty bike: